I love to read. It started in primary school and has never changed so far. Since 2005 I am taking down notes about my thoughts which are inspired by the books I read. These notes are kept in an own weblog. Writing down these thoughts helps me to reflect on what I have read and eventually to formulate a critical opinion. Of course I could keep my notes on paper. This is the way it started. But paper keeps on refusing to be indexed automatically. Sometimes my thoughts also start discussions, which can be found in the comments.

Although I am reading a lot of technical documents and fiction in English, the language in this blog is German.

You can read the blog here.


I bought my first digital camera in the fall of 2005. Before that date I used to borrow cameras from friends but they started to get annoyed. Initially the idea was to make a few snapshots here and there. After a short time it turned out that I enjoy taking pictures especially of industrial architecture for the sake of it. I’ve spent quite some time strolling through the industrial ruins around Chemnitz where I studies. In 2010 I bought my first DSLR, a Canon 7D. Meanwhile, my interest shifted away from architecture and towards street photography.

A selection of these pictures can be found in my photo blog.


My passion for cycling started when I was 14. I had to spend lots of hours seeing various doctors who were concerned about my blood pressure. After countless (certainly expensive) tests they found out that all I was missing was some physical exercise. I had the choice between beta blockers and regular exercise sports. This is what brought me to regular training on the bicycle.

After the end of my civil service in 2001 I did my first mountain bike tour across the Alps. Although it was summer I had involuntary contact with snow every day, but I enjoyed that trip so much that I repeated it in the following summers with more emphasis on the extreme aspects of mountain biking.

In 2003 I had the idea to push the limits still a little further. I drove the 350 km from Chemnitz in eastern Germany to my parent’s hometown Hann. Münden nonstop.

Later in that year, I heard of FichKona, a long distance bike marathon over 600 km in 24 hours. First, I thought this is a joke but nine months later I was among the starters. In this race I made my first acquaintance with people from the German extreme sport community. I had such a good time that I took part in this event again in 2005 and 2006, eventually lowering my personal record to 21:57h.


I enjoy running almost as much as cycling. After beginning with my studies at University of Chemnitz in 2001, I had only little free time during the day and shifted my training till after sunset. Running turned out to be the best compensation for sitting the whole day. Half a year later, in 2002, I had the idea to try my first full Marathon in Leipzig. It was fun so I also went to the Night Marathon in Marburg and the famous Berlin Marathon in the fall.

Running, cycling and studying (the latter in my regeneration breaks ;-) ) proved to be too much. I got an inflammation in my right knee and decided to limit myself to distances over 21 km. I have not yet given up to lower my personal records below 17:30 on 5k and 40 minutes on 10k.


I enjoy travelling a lot. There are large patches of undiscovered land ahead of me, but I am working on it.

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